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Zoey Acai Necklace {navy}
Zoey Acai Necklace {navy}

Zoey Acai Necklace {navy}

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Double or triple this long strand necklace and you'll be ready to make a statement!  The brightly-colored acai seeds are harvested from the Peruvian rainforest.  Perfect for layering with other necklaces and pairs well with our Mira Bracelets.

75" long


Saida and Rafael are a young couple from the Amazon jungles of Peru.  They have 2 children and big dreams for their artisan business!  "We have always dreamed of having a business where we can bring back value to the designs from our Shipibo culture.  We want to be able to provide jobs for our community to create a source of income for families who need it.

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