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Decaf {organic}

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Caret Down

This decaf has all the richness of our Organic Breakfast Blend, a full-bodied coffee with a sweet nutty and vanilla flavor.

Aroma: vanilla, toasted almond cookies, chocolate
Flavor Profile: Balanced, caramelized sugar, chocolate
Mouthfeel: honey-like & syrupy
Blend: Full City Roast

Kosher USDA Organic

Have you ever wondered how our flavorful Organic Decaf Coffee is decaffeinated? Equal Exchange coffee is decaffeinated using two processes: CR3 Natural Liquid Carbon Dioxide Decaffeination, which uses CO2 to draw caffeine from the beans, and Mountain Water Process, which uses a water process that keeps the flavor components intact. Both are natural forms of decaffeination that preserve the quality of the coffee beans, leaving flavors fully intact.

Decaf {organic} - Global Hues Market
Decaf {organic}


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