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Button Basket {wine camelia}

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The Ashaiman Mamas produce batik textiles and sew them into beautiful accessories and apparel. All of our Mamas work together in the Ashaiman production center and are directly employed by Global Mamas, which provides them with health care and retirement benefits.

This storage basket provides versatility, with four fold-up sides and button together.  

Size: 7.5"x7.5"x4"

Material: 100% organic cotton shell

 The Story:

“Prosperity means becoming a globally trained fashion designer with international connections.”

 Meet Charity: As a sewing team leader at Global Mamas, Charity has the opportunity to teach her fellow seamstresses new skills. Charity has appreciated the opportunity to learn to make Western-style apparel and home décor in addition to her expertise in traditional Ghanaian clothing. Someday, she hopes to go to the United States to study fashion. When she’s not at Global Mamas, she’s training apprentices in her own shop, called His Majesty Fashion, or singing in her church choir. She and her husband own a home where they live with their son and daughter. Charity enjoys cooking jollof rice, a spicy Ghanaian specialty.

 I want my children to get an education and good jobs so they can take care of my husband and me!