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Copper Water Bottle {hammered}

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Caret Down

This well crafted copper water bottle, isn't just stylish, it's full of health benefits too! 

✓ DON’T JUST DRINK WATER, DRINK HEALTHY WATER | 100% COPPER VESSEL, ‘THE HEALTHY WATER BOTTLE’: Premium PURE copper water bottle with no nickel, tin, or other metals.

✓ KEEPS WATER CHILLED | HELPS IMPROVE THE IMMUNE SYSTEM, IDEAL FOR ATHLETES, ACTIVE & HEALTH-CONSCIOUS INDIVIDUALS: Our copper vessel for drinking water gives the water a nice chill. Provides a natural and healthy way to chill your water!

✓ HEAVY-DUTY, LEAK-PROOF, LAB-TESTED FOOD GRADE, BPA & TOXIN FREE: Tested by an American 3rd-party laboratory, our copper drinking vessel is food grade and guaranteed safe. Features a spill-proof lid. Made of premium quality 100% copper and will last for years.

✓ ARTISAN CRAFTED WITH HAMMERED FINISH | COMES WITH A BONUS CANVAS BAG: Every piece is handcrafted by our expert artisans! Features hammered dents for better grip. Very portable!

Size:  32 oz

Country: India 

Copper Water Bottle {hammered} - Global Hues Market
Copper Water Bottle {hammered}


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