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Caturra Coffee {washed}

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Washed Process – skin, pulp, and mucilage are removed using water and fermentation.

Cupping Notes:

Clean cup, sweet taste with honey, floral notes, apricot flavor and some medium pineapple notes dense body with pleasant residual flavor.

Caturra coffee plants are a varietal of the bourbon coffee plant. Just like bourbon coffee, the caturra is known to be sweet, complex, and crisp. The caturra plant, however, has been modified to have a smaller plant size with berries that mature quickly, producing a higher coffee bean yield.

"Meet Samuel"

Hello, I am Samuel Zavala, a coffee grower from Nicaragua, I represent the third generation of a family that loves God and loves to grow coffee.

“El Cambalache” Coffee plantation is an organic small farm of 7 hectares, located in Dipilto, Nueva Segovia. I inherited the finca three years ago. The coffee grows at an altitude of 1450m. A perfect altitude to grow premium quality coffee.

In 2018 I was been blessed by God by winning the Presidential Award at the “Cup of Excellency”. Our desire is to help those in our community with with the profits from our coffee sales so they can have a better life. We are blessed to help children of a small local school by providing food for them during the school year.