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Exploring Fair Trade: How to Be a Conscious Consumer {Digital Course}

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Welcome to our first digital course - We are SO EXCITED to offer this resource to you. We truly hope everyone takes this course to create a safer and more caring world!  

Course Components: 

This course consists of 3 self-paced modules {meaning you can do it as slowly or quickly as you'd like}. Each module has 3-4 lessons that dive deeper into the world of fair trade and slavery. Here is a high-level overview for you:

  • Module 1: The Need for Fair Trade
  • Module 2: What IS Fair Trade?
  • Module 3: Conscious Consumerism
  • Plus a host of our favorite resources to help you shop with purpose, increase your impact, and some tools and challenges to put the course content into practice.  

Who Should Take This Course?

  • The Newbie - Those who are completely unfamiliar with fair trade {gift it to someone who would benefit from learning about fair trade & slavery}
  • The Curious - People who are curious or have dabbled in fair trade, but don't really understand why it's important or understand the global scope of slavery
  • The Pro - We believe everyone can keep learning and even people who are well-versed on fair trade practices can benefit from this course. {Plus, in the last module of the course, we will guide you through a process to determine if YOU should start your own fair trade business}

After Completing This Course You Will: 

  • Know the Fair Trade Principles
  • Understand the Statistics of Global Slavery
  • Become more Passionate About Conscious Consumerism 
  • Learn Simple Ways that You Can Add Fair Trade Products to Your Life 
  • Receive Tools and Resources to Make a Bigger Impact With How You Shop 
  • Know How to Keep the Momentum Going After You Finish the Course 

This is a digital product. After purchasing, you will receive a link to take the course or an email for further instruction if you're purchasing during pre-launch.