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Organic Deodorant {sand & sea}

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Caret Down

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Our all natural deodorant is made with carefully considered, quality and clean ingredients. Our premium, refined scents will leave you smelling fresh long after you step out of the shower. For everyone, everyday!

Sand & Sea Deodorant is a refreshing fan-favorite blend that will leave your skin lingering with the scent of the sea.

✓ Baking Soda Free

✓ Aluminum Free

✓ Magnesium Enriched

✓ Probiotic Enriched

Deodorant vs. Antiperspirant

Deodorant does not stop you from sweating. Antiperspirant contains aluminum that blocks sweat ducts to reduce sweating. Our deodorant is aluminum free, allowing your body to naturally sweat out toxins while neutralizing odor-causing bacteria. So, don’t sweat the sweat (it’s good for you)!

When switching to natural deodorant, your body goes through a two-week detox period to flush out what mainstream deodorant was locking in. Please allow for an adjustment period in order to seek all the benefits our deodorant provides.

Key Ingredients:

 - Probiotics Neutralizes odor

 - Arrowroot Powder Keeps you dry

 - Magnesium Soothes skin

Countries: Crafted in the USA, but using global ingredients AND benefitting USA, Peru, Kenya, Burundi,

Organic Deodorant {sand & sea} - Global Hues Market
Organic Deodorant {sand & sea}


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