My Passenger Seat

My Passenger Seat - Global Hues Market
How many times do I let that full seat serve as an excuse to stop me from serving a need or blessing someone else?

A Palette {Full} of Passion

A Palette {Full} of Passion - Global Hues Market

I have a not-so-secret love affair with color. 

Perhaps we can blame my 80's childhood.  What choice did I have, but to succumb to the color overload around me?

We Like to Fight

We Like to Fight - Global Hues Market
Men, women and children alike are being forced into physical labor, indentured servitude and prostitution at alarming rates — Cambodia, Uzbekistan and North Korea rank the top three countries with the highest rates of enslavement per capita. At a whopping 4.4%, that’s approximately 1 in every 24 people enslaved in North Korea.