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My Passenger Seat

I was rushing away from preschool drop-off recently, and saw a woman walking who looked like she might need a ride. I quickly glanced at my passenger seat, and  it was full. And then it hit passenger seat is ALWAYS full.  Full of school papers, lunches, personal projects, work projects, groceries, something I borrowed from a friend, and of course, my giant leather bag, ready to serve a plethora of family needs, affectionately known as my "Mary Poppins Bag".

How many times do I let that full seat serve as an excuse to stop me from serving a need or blessing someone else?

Sadly, this full seat excuse bleeds over into so many areas of my life. My mental, physical, or spiritual "passenger seat" has all too often been full and prevented me from seeing the world around me and meeting a need. 

So, I am resolving to clear my passenger seat. Probably not clear my actual car seat, because that has a practical purpose on most days, and I can still chuck it in the back if I need to offer a ride. But... I am on a mission {this one will admittedly be hard for me, I like to be busy} to make more space and be more aware of where I am truly lacking... starting with God, my family, and myself. So I can be filled up to pour into others.  

What's in your passenger seat?



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