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A Palette {Full} of Passion

I have a not-so-secret love affair with color. 

Perhaps we can blame my 80's childhood.  What choice did I have, but to succumb to the color overload around me?

Rainbow Brite, My Little Pony, hyper-color shirts, neon-splattered everything, pink bikes, yellow bikes, purple bikes, pinwheels, streamers, lite brites, and who can forget everyone's secret pleasure, Mr. Sketch markers. 

We may not be able to blame the 80s completely, though.  I was born with a passion for color {especially bright colors} and also the innate desire to place things in chromatic order. A deep desire to set things straight, to put them in the order they were destined to be in. After all, doesn't everyone put their skittles in chromatic order before savoring them one by one? 

Fast Forward nearly 30 years, and I'm still obsessed with color. Recently, I may have even spent {too many} hours sorting my kids' massive lego collection into separate color families, just because “it needed to be done”.

I’m also fascinated by the psychology of color. How does that color make me feel? How does it make you feel? Why do I cringe when certain colors are together?  {Side note - did you know more people fight in yellow kitchens than any other color?}

In fact, I'm so passionate about color, I've been known to have emphatic debates about whether a color is more "blue" or "purple". I feel color harmony or dissonance to my core. Color represents many things to me: order, perfection, and divine design. Color can bring me immense joy, or make me feel internal angst. Color invigorates and inspires me.  Color fuels me.  Color is universal, it’s a language we all speak. 

I bring this same passion for color to Global Hues. I am passionate about finding the perfect products, partnering with the right artisans, creating inspiring color palettes, and fighting for the rights of others.

When I see a {perfect} color combination, I feel a sense of peace, perfection, and right-ness. And pouring into Global Hues evokes the same feelings. 

May I never grow tired of these hues. 


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